As a non-profit organization serving the enhancement of golf experiences, the Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) relies on a strong volunteer base.  An enthusiastic and committed volunteer base is the key to the success of the IRGF.  Described below are a few of the volunteer opportunities currently available.  We encourage you to contact the IRGF to express an interest and learn more about each need.


General & Administrative

Correspondence – Promotional Materials  – Results  through Electronic Media – Power Point Presentations   –   Video and DVD Documentation

Develop and maintain database programs of:

Participants & Events   –   Volunteers & Assignments   –  Host Facilities / Professionals – Collegiate Players  –  Tour Professionals (area based) – Liaison – Guest Professionals / Speakers

Coordinate logistics including lodging and transportation arrangements

Training Sessions / Evaluations / Competitions  (Futures & Competition Levels)

Short Game Skills  –  Full-Swing Skills  – Set Up Stations – Record Results

After School Golf Programs – Elementary & Middle Schools – SNAG Golf / USGA Compliant Golf

Weekly TPC (Training-Practices-Competitions) & GIG (Girls In Golf) – Registration

Situation Golf Training and Competitions – Registration & Recording Scores

Rules of Golf / Golf Etiquette / Care of the Course Sessions – Registration


Golf Tournaments – Monthly Events  – High Profile Golf Tournaments

Processing Tournament Entries  –  Player Registration

Official Starter   –   Golf Course Ranger/Observer   –  Maintaining Water Supply

Scoreboard – Review of Scorecards – Posting of Scores  –  Validating Results

 Motivational and Inspirational Golf Programs – Registration

 Indian River Golf Hall of Fame

Program Development

Design Formal Invitations   –  Assemble and Mail Formal Invitations

Liaison with Host Facility & Seating Arrangements

Funding Activities

Contacts with individuals & local businesses for sponsorships

Liaison with Philanthropic Organizations

Develop campaign for grants & donations

Develop database of contributing individuals and organizations  –  Follow-Up Correspondence