Family Based Junior Golf Teams / Club Based Junior Golf Teams


The concept is the same for Family Based Junior Golf Teams and Club Based Junior Golf Teams

Each follow a prescribed program of TRAINING followed by a rotation of PRACTICE SESSIONS and COMPETITIONS on a year-round basis…..and on their own schedule.

Teachers, mentors or volunteers serve as Team Managers and Team Coaches.  Managers and Coaches are trained by the IRGF.  Each session is designed to prepare young players for various COMPETITIONS (individually or in teams of 2, 3 or 4 players)……including Short Game Skills Challenges……Full-Swing Skills Challenges and Golf Tournaments.


The more successful Family or Club Based programs are those who connect with a PGA or LPGA golf professional.  This helps young players by having one person to coalesce all the knowledge and proper techniques.  Parent Manager and Parent Coaches are more effective as a practice facilitator working in conjunction with the PGA or LPGA professional.  Parents provide transportation, carry out practice plans and help to make it FUN.  Futures Level players are encouraged to advance to the Intermediate Level…..then on to the Competition Level.


Arrangements for a “home course” can be arranged through the Indian River Golf Foundation.