Elementary School Golf Teams


After School SNAG Golf (Elementary Schools)

SNAG  Golf                        Traditional Golf

Elementary School Golf Team

Launched January, 2012,  our on-campus Elementary Schoool Golf Program for K – 5th grade students (Pre-Futures Level) were conducted during the school year at elementary schools who have secured dates of Training – Practices – Competitions through a registration process by contacting the IRGF. SNAG Golf is conducted on campus at participating schools. TRADITIONAL Golf is conducted at four golf facility locations. The annual SNAG Golf Championship and Indian River TRADITIONAL Golf Championship for elementary and middle school players is played in April.

With the use of SNAG Golf equipment…….the focus is on teaching the fundamentals of the golf swing, practices and FUN competitions.  This program is a joint venture effort between the IRGF and individual schools.  This program is available for up to 12 elementary schools per year in the Indian River School District.  PGA professionals, teacher/coaches and volunteer/coaches including high school players assist in these programs.   Players are then invited to Saturday sessions of the IRGF Players Club where they transition from SNAG Golf to traditional golf equipment.  This program is partially funded by the Florida Junior Golf Council (Florida State Golf Association).

SNAG golfers are ranked by golf skills & behavioral patterns and compete in 9 hole events called Combined Elementary School (CES) SNAG Golf Tournaments…Team Scramble Format.

The Annual Indian River SNAG Golf Championship was conducted the end of April at Vero Beach Country Club.

SNAG players are encouraged to participate in the Treasure Coast Junior Golf Tour TEAM Scramble Series in April, May and June.