IRGF Mission Statement


The mission of the Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) Players Club is to bring new players to the game of golf, challenge and encourage players to reach the highest level of player development while honoring traditions of the game and teach life skills. The leadership of the IRGF Players Club intends to train minds, bodies and hearts. Training includes the importance of developing golf skills, commitment and perseverance along with instilling the highest ideals of character and service. These traits serve as the building blocks towards setting personal goals as a player and in life beyond the game.

An important goal is to provide opportunities to train, practice and compete for all skill levels. The IRGF Players Club provides many opportunities to develop and test skills, practice leadership and to develop friendships. Teamwork and how to relate to one another is essential for development as a player and a person. The game of golf is unique in providing opportunities where life skills can be learned and applied.

The leadership of the IRGF Players Club develops programs to fulfill these objectives and provide a challenging, competitive and safe environment to learn and play the game. Special emphasis is placed on the ideals of sportsmanship, personal integrity and character while striving for individual and team goals.

Even though it can never be attained, players learn that working towards perfection should be the goal. Giving their best effort toward attaining perfection is a measurement of SUCCESS – regardless of scores or the perception of others. Successful players have the peace of mind that, through self-discipline, they made the effort to become the best they were capable of becoming.

The IRGF Players Club is committed to providing coaches who are experts in the game of golf, bring a winning attitude and serve as excellent role models for our players. Coaches are expected to instill proper attitudes toward strong work ethics, demonstrating courtesy and respect and to teach players the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The lessons learned through the process of TRAINING, PRACTICES and COMPETITIONS will remain with players for a lifetime.