Traditional Golf Programs



Objective of the Program

The objective is to introduce students to all aspects of the game of golf including fundamentals of the golf swing, safety, playing by the rules, how to play the game while teaching life skills and good citizenship. Players are encouraged to reach the highest levels of player development……while having FUN…..and meeting new friends.

Based upon individual focus and initiative at training sessions and competitions…..students will advance from FUTURES, INTERMEDIATE, COMPETITION and JUNIOR TOUR LEVEL.

Roger Van Dyke, President
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

John Vermeere, TRADITIONAL Golf Coordinator
(503) 709-9485

During the course of the TRADITIONAL Golf Training Programs…..players will be invited to participate in Saturday activities of the IRGF Player’s Club. 

Player Assistance Scholarship Program

As players advance beyond the IRGF to South Florida PGA Junior Tour……Florida Junior Tour (by the Florida State Golf Association)……and beyond…..entry fees and travel costs begin to mount.

To help offset these costs…..the IRGF provides Entry Fee Assistance through this program.

Information and Application Forms are available through the IRGF.

Criteria used to determine scholarship recipients are the same listed above.