Green Zone        Red Zone

The Players Advantage Golf Skills Ranking System is designed for juniors, adults and senior adults. The Player Advantage System utilizes Short Game Skills (Green Zone) and Full-Swing Skills (Red Zone) testing and evaluations to encourage goal setting in skill development, means of measuring progress, more clearly identify skill levels between players and to promote “excellence in player development” through golf skills training, practice and competitions.

Testing, evaluation and competition results will identify areas in need of additional training, practice, physical conditioning and developing the mental aspects of performance. Results are intended to help players, instructors and conditioning coaches to set a clear course for improvement and to adjust time allocations.

The Golf Skills Ranking System is offered in four categories…..Futures, Intermediate, Competition and Tour. Once players have accomplished targeted scores at each level, they will advance to testing and evaluations at a higher level.

The Golf Skills Ranking of each player will be identified by the color of a bag tag….White (Boys & Girls Futures) – Yellow (Boys Intermediate) – Pink(Girls Intermediate) – Blue (Boys Competition) – Orange (Girls Competition) – Black (Boys Tour) – Green (Girls Tour) . When a player displays two or more color bag tags on their golf bag……the player has successfully completed each previous skill level and is working towards successfully completing the current color skill level. Players must pass through each skill level before advancing to the next level.

Players at any level may participate for their own personal enjoyment (Recreational) or to prepare for “excellence in player development” (Competition).

The Players Advantage Golf Skills Ranking System is divided into the Short Game Skills (Green Zone) and Full Swing Skills (Red Zone). Players will be ranked in each skill zone and overall.