Jul 302013

LaPadula Wins Inaugural Florida LPGA*USGA

Girls Golf Championship


Brittany LaPadula of the Indian River Chapter took top honors in the Inaugural Florida LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Championship at Grand Harbor Golf Club in Vero Beach, FL – Saturday & Sunday, July 27th & 28th. The 1st Annual event was hosted by the Indian River Chapter of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf. Brittany’s championship run featured back-to-back 73’s for a 2 over par 146. Taylor Sukmana shot 82 -80 – 162 finishing as Runner-Up. Close behind was Sarah Noonan, winner of the 13 – 15 age group at 77 – 86 – 163. Second place in the 13 to 15 age group was Mary Kate Hiller turning in 83 – 87 – 170.


Pictured is the starting field: Tatiana Boehning, Brianna Fitzpatrick, Gabrielle Perlstein, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Kayla Martellotti, Alison Santini, Savannah Mansueti, Gabriella Melendez, Frances Melendez, Emily Chester, Lashea Rolle, Mary Kate Hiller, Brittany Soucek, Cassidy Stepanek, Sarah Noonan, Brittany LaPadula, Taylor Sukmana, Abby Murphy, Nicole Wilkes, Meghan Faria and Olivia Grimmich. Host professionals were Frank Mentzer – Director of Golf at Grand Harbor Golf Club, Anthony Donadio, IRGF Program Coordinator and Roger Van Dyke, IRGF President. Indian River Chapter Site Director Kirk Noonan and Co-Director Jennifer Chester.

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Chapters Represented

Indian River Chapter – Central Florida Chapter – Palm Beach Chapter


In the 13 – 18 age group division of 9 hole players, Meghan Faria 57 – 63 – 120 edged Olivia Grimmich 63 – 63 – 126. The 10 to 12 age group division featured two days of 9 hole SCRAMBLE. First place honors went to the team of Gabrielle Perlstein / Shannon Fitzpatrick 47 – 42 – 89 in the Split Tee Division and Gabriella Melendez/Frances Melendez 46 – 47 – 93 in the Forward Tee Division.

Full Results (2 Days):


18 Hole Division – Individual Stroke Play – National Junior Scoreboard Ranked Tournament Division

1st    Brittany LaPadula        73 – 73 – 146    

2nd    Taylor Sukmana        82 – 80 – 162

3rd    Sarah Noonan            77 – 86    – 163    (1st Place in 13 – 15 age group)

4th    Mary Kate Hiller        83 – 87 – 170 (2nd Place in 13 – 15 age group)

5th    Brittany Soucek        89 – 83 – 172

6th    Cassidy Stepanek        98 – 91 – 189

7th    Brianna Fitzpatrick        98 – 93 – 191


9 Hole Division – Individual Stroke Play

1st    Meghan Faria            57 – 63 – 120

2nd    Olivia Grimmich        63 – 63 – 126


9 Hole Division – Team Scramble – Split Tees

1st    Gabrielle Perlstein – Shannon Fitzpatrick    47 – 42 – 89

2nd    Emily Chester – Kayla Martellotti        45 – 47 – 92


9 Hole Division – Team Scramble – Forward Tees

1st    Gabriella Melendez – Frances Melendez    46 – 47 – 93

2nd    Abby Murphy – Nicole Wilkes            46 – 48    – 94

3rd    Alison Santini – Savannah Mansueti        50 – 48 – 98

4th    Lashea Rolle – Tatiana Boehning        63 – 54 – 117


Caddies Permitted for Players of all Age Groups

Caddies carried bags, pushed carts or were the drivers of golf carts.

All players were required to walk.

This service was well received by all players.


Special Thanks


Thanks to the hospitality of host professional Frank Mentzer, Director of Golf and the entire leadership and staff of Grand Harbor Golf Club. The special services provided for this two day tournament were greatly appreciated. The golf course was phenomenal. Everyone enjoyed being at Grand Harbor.


Special thanks to Site Director Kirk Noonan and Co-Director Jennifer Chester. Their leadership in this inaugural event was most valuable. The LPGA Girls Golf Foundation provided tournament gifts for each participant. We are also thankful for the expertise of LPGA Foundation Kiernan Schindler who assisted in the planning of this event.


Prior to the start of play, participants received pink “Chicks with Sticks” caps, custom logo bag tags, mints and LPGA tees. During the Awards Luncheon, each player received
a special commemorative picture showing their very own complete swing sequence (start to finish) in a stand-up frame including the name of the event along with logos and dates. This special service was provided by Connie Lee who worked on the project overnight so players could pick these up on Sunday. Connie is the Official Photographer of the Indian River Golf Foundation and the mother of junior golfer Randy Lee. Players may go online and place orders for pictures taken this weekend at connieleephotography.com


The Indian River Chapter – LPGA*USGA Girls Golf has requested Grand Harbor to host this event the same weekend next year (last weekend in July).




Special Note on LPGA*USGA Girls Golf / Indian River Chapter


Through local chapters, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) supports girls by introducing them to the game of golf and the values that are inherent to the game. It provides an opportunity for girls, ages 7 to 17, to learn to play golf, create friendships, and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game.


The only national initiative of its kind, Girls Golf is administered through a partnership between The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Foundation and the United States Golf Association (USGA), both non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.


Girls Golf members learn values inherent to the game of golf, such as patience, respect, perseverance and honesty, preparing them to meet the challenges of today’s world with confidence. With over 250 programs across the globe and more than 10,000 members world-wide, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf has emerged as the leading golf program for girls in the country.


The Indian River Chapter of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf provides an affordable and solid foundation for girls who want to play for fun with friends and family, to compete at the high school, college, and/or local, state and national levels or to learn for future career purposes, both inside and outside of the golf industry. Site Directors are Kirk Noonan (dad of junior golfer Sarah Noonan) and Jennifer Chester (mother of junior golfers Emily and Adam Chester).


The Indian River Chapter is operated by the Indian River Golf Foundation with PGA Professional Anthony Donadio, Tournament Coordinator and PGA Life Master Professional Roger Van Dyke, President.



For additional information on LPGA*USGA Girls Golf and activities of the Indian River Golf Foundation, contact:     

Roger Van Dyke, President         Anthony Donadio, Program Coordinator

Indian River Golf Foundation         Indian River Golf Foundation



(772) 713-9593                     (772) 766-1146





Kirk Noonan, Site Director             Jennifer Chester, Co-Site Director

kirknoonan@gmail.com              jenchester@comcast.net


Connie Lee – Official Photographer



www.lpgausgagirlsgolf.org www.irgf.org