PGA golf professional representatives of the IRGF Players Club provide 5 weekly sessions (3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.) of TPC (Training-Practices-Competition) for elementary school students in After School Golf Programs. The end result of each elementary school golf program will be an individual ranking of players by points. The top 10 players per school (boys & girls combined) will be invited to participate with members of the IRGF Players Club Saturdays on a weekly basis. Additional players may participate based up availability and exemplary conduct. One parent/grandparent with golf procedure experience or designated golf coach MUST ACCOMPANY each group of 4 players during Saturday sessions.

The following points system will be used to determine individual player rankings:

Individual Short Game Skills Points

Rolling/Putting – 3 balls to Rollerama

Yellow – 5 points
Blue – 3 points
Red – 1 point
Miss – 0 points

Chip Shot – 3 balls to Rollerama

Yellow – 5 points
Blue – 3 points
Red – 1 point
Miss – 0 points

Pitch Shot- 3 balls to Bullseye Target

Hit Bullseye (primary target) – 5 points
Hit secondary boundary target in the air – 3 points (through an opening of the open-air pavilion or hitting side of a wall)
Hit secondary boundary target not in the air – 1 point
Miss boundary target – 0 points

Individual Full-Swing Skills Points – 3 balls through or into target area

Hit target inside target area – 5 points (basketball bank board……Bullseye Target……etc.)
Hit inside or through target area in the air – 3 points
Hit target area not in the air – 1 point
Miss target area – 0 points

Individual Behavioral Evaluation Points

Teacher Advisor/Coach & PGA Professional evaluation for each player
Ranking 10 to 1……with 10 representing the BEST BEHAVIORAL PATTERN

Combined Elementary School (CES) Team – Competition Points – SCRAMBLE (4 players per team…..or 3 players keeping 4 balls in play).

1st Place Team – 10 points per individual
2nd Place Team – 8 points per individual
3rd Place Team – 6 points per individual
4th Place Team – 4 points per individual
5th Place Team – 2 points per individual

THE TOP 10 PLAYERS PER SCHOOL WILL BE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE in Saturday Sessions with members of the IRGF Players Club. Additional players may participate based upon availability providing they demonstrate exemplary conduct and general interest in the game of golf.

Players will use SNAG Golf equipment side-by-side with traditional golf equipment until they are ready to completely use traditional golf equipment on a regular basis. SNAG Golf equipment may be utilized from time-to-time to reinforce key golf swing fundamentals.

PROGRAM COST – There is NO COST for the 5 week After School Golf Program.

The first 2 Saturday sessions along with members of the IRGF Players Club will be at NO COST. This will give all new players the opportunity to observe and participate to determine if they choose to continue. During this same period, the leadership of the IRGF Players Club will observe the focus, behavioral patterns and general interest in the game of each player. Thereafter, the cost is $10 per session. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.

Prior to the 3rd session for qualified individuals……players must register online with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Golf at a rate of $16 per year (September 1st through August 31st). This will cover up to $50,000 Accidental Medical Insurance for each TRAINING-PRACTICE-COMPETITION. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.

SPECIAL INVITATION: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PLAYERS who have successfully transitioned to traditional golf equipment ARE INVITED to participate in the Treasure Coast Junior Golf Tour/IRGF Players Club events (Futures Level):
Team Stroke Play Competitions – Spring (April through mid-June) – New for 2013
Individual Stroke Play Competitions – Summer (July & August)
Advanced players are invited to participate in the Atlantic Junior Golf TEAM Series monthly tournaments on a year-round basis. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.