Fundraising IRGF Grand Slam Events



The Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF), a 501 (c) (3) entity has established four annual IRGF GRAND SLAM events for adult participation.  The purpose of these events is to promote community awareness of IRGF youth player development programs, highlight the need for volunteer support, and to supplement IRGF fundraising activities. 

Mayor’s Cup  

The annual Mayor’s Cup brings together 12 area PGA golf professionals paired with 12 of the area’s top amateur player, by invitation only, in a fun two-day competition.  The winning team is awarded the Alex MacWilliam, Sr. Trophy in a special presentation by the City Mayor.  At a highlight moment, the Steven C. Owen Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a high level of courage and perseverance in life challenges while supporting the game of golf. 

Symetra Pro-Am

The annual Symetra Pro-Am, an open tournament for male and female participants,  offers a unique format of play where 12 members of the Symetra/LPGA tours and 12 area PGA/LPGA/Teaching professionals make up 24 captains playing golf with 24 teams of 3 adult amateurs per team.  Amateurs partner for 9 holes with a Symetra/LPGA professional – then partner for 9 holes of golf with an area PGA/LPGA/Teaching professional.

Friday features the 12 members of the Symetra/LPGA tours paired with 12 amateurs.  Saturday features the 24 teams.  Youth members of the IRGF Player’s Club are invited to participate as special guests.

Alma Lee Loy TEAM Challenge

The annual Alma Lee Loy TEAM Challenge, open to female participants is designed to support IRGF girls golf initiatives.  The tournament features combinations of teams with 4 female amateurs or area female professionals paired with 3 female amateur players.  This tournament is in honor and memory of Alma Lee Loy, an icon in Indian River County for her service to community and love of the game of golf.  Youth golfers are invited to a golf shot exhibition by a guest professional then join the tournament participants at the Awards Presentation.

Founder’s Cup

Open to all interested male and female participants, the annual Founder’s Cup follows the Mission Statement of the IRGF by honoring Traditions of the Game.  This event showcases individuals who have contributed to the game of golf either as a founder of an area golf facility, played the game at a high level or served the game and community.  These individuals are honored at the Wall of Honor Dinner on Thursday evening featuring special commemorative wall plaque presentations followed by a guest speaker.  Also showcased are the special invited youth from the IRGF Player’s Club. On Saturday, the Celebration Community Golf Tournament takes place with Gross and Net Divisions.  

For additional information, contact:

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President

Indian River Golf Foundation

PGA Life Master Professional

(772) 713-9593





At Indian River Golf Foundation we strongly believe in creating a community around the incredible sport of golf. We offer a place for children to grow up playing it, families to come together and enjoy it as a group, and for everyone to have something to be excited about a few times a year.

One of the best ways to do this is through fundraising tournaments. There is nothing quite like a Saturday morning spent with friends playing a round of golf, but tournaments give the opportunity for some of Indian River

County’s best golfers to come out and show what they got.

What does this have to do with the community you may ask? It has everything to do with the community. Sponsors are local, participants are local, and it’s a great opportunity to show some of the talent that exists for golf in Indian River County.

We want our golf to be fun but competitive. With numerous Pro-Am’s and trophies we think we have found a good balance between allowing our competitors to experience the thrill of a real tournament without putting too many stakes involved.

Our Mission

At the end of the day we’re aiming to create a sense of community here at Indian River Golf Foundation and we do this by:

  • Bringing new players to the game of golf
  • Challenge and encourage players to reach the highest level
  • Train mind, bodies, and hearts
  • Instill proper attitude and strong work ethic

If we can meet our mission then our tournaments will always be a success no matter how much we fundraise through them. We aim to create an environment that is enjoyable for everyone in the community through golf. Everything else comes second.

Interested in participating?

If you have an interest in participating in one of these tournaments then send an email to and see what you need to do to enter one. We will gladly accept any players who qualify, but be aware that many participants are invitation only and will need to be chosen by our staff. 

If you have any questions then give us a call at (772) 713-9593. We will be happy to answer them!