Family & School Based Junior Golf Teams


The basis of the team format originates from the formation of Family Based Junior Golf Teams, School Based Junior Golf Teams or Club Based Junior Golf Teams in your area.  Teams are formed for the purpose of recruiting players, training and conducting practice sessions on a daily/weekly basis.  Parents, teachers and volunteers serve as Team Managers and Team Coaches with each team supported by a PGA or LPGA golf professional…..called Resident Professionals.

The AJGTS is a regional competition.  Once the starting fields have been determined individual players or teams will be divided by age groups for pairing purposes and scoring.

Competitions (on a Travel Golf Team basis) will be conducted in addition to AJGTS events.  These team competitions are in addition to the AJGTS and will be played against other Travel Golf Teams from Florida and Georgia.  The Travel Golf Team shall be selected from a combination of players from all chapters…Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee).  The status of individual Travel Team players will be determined by performance in FHSAA, AJGTS, local, regional, state and national competitions.   The Florida AAU Junior Golf Championship (Individual Stroke Play Competition) is being formulated to be played at two host golf facilities in Indian River County.  An Annual AAU National Team Championship (conducted in July) is currently in place with a host location in the Southeast United States.  Note:  The winners of the Florida AAU Junior Golf Championship will formulate the team (scholarships provided) to attend the AAU National Team Championship.

Players interested in participating in the AJGTS are encouraged to formulate a practice team consisting of a Team Manager, Team Coach and other players.  There may be any number of players per team in various age divisions. The recommended size of each team ranges from 4 to 10 players.

To register……

1)      Complete an AJGTS Registration Form .

2)      Players, Team Managers and Team Coaches must be members of AAU.  Players (Athletes) and Managers/Coaches (Non-Athletes) may register on-line (see attached on-line information).  Player cost – $14 per year.  Team Manager/Team Coach $16 per year.  Contact…..

Note:  AAU membership provides up to $50,000 Accidental Medical Insurance .

Note:  Liability Insurance for each host facility – Up to $10M

3)      Teams will represent one of four Chapters:

Indian River        St. Lucie        Martin        Okeechobee

Note:  Players and teams from other counties will be accepted based upon availability.

For additional information on the IRGF and Atlantic Junior Golf Tournament Series, contact:

Indian River Golf Foundation

Roger Van Dyke, President

(772) 713-9593

Junior Golf Teams