Thursday Games


Introducing The “Thursday Games” at Sandridge Golf Club


Summer Traditional Golf and Performance Games

Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) is excited to announce the Thursday Games at Sandridge Golf Club! These golf games include four sessions and give attendees golf course and driving range access. As an added bonus, participants have the option of playing in events of the Treasure Coast Junior Golf Tour and the Atlantic Junior Golf Tour during each series depending on golf skill and interest of each player. This weekly junior golf skills challenge will test the skill and knowledge of even the most experienced golf player, helping develop new techniques and engage is friendly competition.

  • 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Cost: $55, siblings are half price
  • Player assistance and spectator carts $10 per cart
  • Scholarships available

Our 2020 Thursday Games Series

August 6    Golf Fitness & Junior Golf Skills Challenge – at the Practice Range

a preview of the 2020 Player’s Advantage Golf Skills Championship (August 29th)

August 13    Golf Fitness & “Prox” / Situational Golf On-Course Challenges

August 20     Play the Course – “Target Par” On-Course Challenges

August 27  Play the Course – “Stake to Steak” On-Course Challenges

5:00 p.m. On-Course Shotgun Start – Front 9

Session 1: Golf Fitness and Junior Golf Skills Challenge

The Indian River Golf Foundation has established a junior golf skills challenge and program known as “Player’s Advantage Golf Skills”. The IRGF conducts golf skills training programs, evaluations, and challenges. There is also an annual Player’s Advantage Golf Skills Championship. Winners of the championship receive the Sal Spallone Award (boys) or the Jackie Stoelting Award (girls) for 3 age groups: elementary, middle school, and high school. This session features three skill challenges:

  1. Basic Short Game Skill to test the putting skill of challengers

String Putting (2′, 4′ 6′) to inside the hole

Curve Putting (3′, 6′ 9′) to inside the hole

Distance Control Putting (20′, 30′, 40′) to within 3′ or 6′ target rings

Chip Shots (from just off the green to within 3′ or 6′ target ring

2. Specialty Short Game Skill to challenge the advanced technique of players

Pitch Shot (10 yards from green to within 3′, 9′ target rings or on the green)

Lob Shot (over bunker/elevated green to within 3′, 9′ rings or on the green)

Bunker Shot (out of bunker to within 3′, 9′ target rings or on the green)

3. Full-Swing Golf Skill to test the accuracy of players swings

9 iron or PW (hit between the target posts for points)

7 iron (hit between the target posts for points)

5 iron or Hybrid (hit between the target posts for points)

Driver (hit between the target posts for points)

Upon completing each skill station, player points are converted to a Golf Skills Index. From this index, players are ranked as Selects Tour, Selects Competition, Prospects Advancing, Prospects Future or Prospects Pre-Future. All other players, not completing skills evaluations, are Roster Players.

Session 2: Proximity 9 Hole On-Course Challenge

This challenge is open for both boys and girls and will commence following a player check-in and warm-up on the practice range. Players will hit shots similar to a round of golf while at stakes (hitting stations). These stakes will be positioned on each hole played and be divided between Skilled Division Positions and Less Skilled Division Positions.

Players will be on four-person teams with each player hitting from the positioned stake. Depending on where the ball lands and stays, each shot will earn a number of points. There will be no putting, and players will move on to the next hole to continue the challenge. The score for each hit is as follows:

  • Ball stays on the green = 1 point
  • Closest ball to the hole = 2 points and wins the “prox”
  • In the hole = earns additional points

We compete this way to facilitate the player’s ability to complete 9 Holes of Play within the given timeframe and to help each golfer remain focused on the challenge at hand. The goal of the challenge is to give each player invaluable “course time” to hit real targets while focusing on a critical scoring goal. Players will see what they need to work on and be able to assess their golf skills themselves. They will also be able to understand the value of the short game shots, including understanding the value of proximity to the flag!

Session 3: Target Par Challenge

Target Par is an on-course challenge that provides players with the opportunity to experience an eagle, birdie, or par. In golf, since scoring is the ultimate goal, this challenge measures the players score and encourages them to think, “what did I shoot?” With this challenge, we can help players experience the joy of getting great shots, even in the early stages of learning. This program is also referred to as “graduated length method” of learning and advancing in the game.

For this session, each player or team of players start from a marker on the putting green. Each time the player or team achieves a par or better in score, they will move back to the next station, further from the hole. Each new station still encourages the player or team to score a par or better from that next location. They will compete until par or better is scored from all stations. Winners are determined by the individual or team that advances furthest from the green.

The challenges are as follows:

From a designated position, record a score of par 4 or better, then advance to the next station.


  • Putting Green
  • Chip Shot
  • Pitch Shot
  • Lob Shot
  • Bunker Shot
  • 50 Yards from Green
  • 100 Yards from Green
  • 200 Yards from Green
  • From Designated Tee Markers


Session 4: Steak to Stake

At IRGF, we aim to make golf even more fun to encourage continued participation! The Steak to Stake challenge was designed just for this. In golf, a “stake” is a colored post that is placed in the fairway to indicate the desired location for each shot.

For example, everyone hits a tee shot.  If any ball does not get to the STAKE in the fairway, that player picks up their ball and places it beside the stake.  Now the player is ready to hit shot # 2.  If shot #2 does not get to the NEXT STAKE in the fairway, again they pick up that ball and place it besides that next stake. Then they are ready to hit shot #3. Balls hit “in-play” BEYOND any STAKE are to be played without advancing the ball, as there is no need.

  • Par 5 holes– one stake is placed for the DRIVE, one stake is placed for the 2nd shot, and a third stake is placed for the PITCH SHOT.
  • Par 4 holes- one stake is placed for the DRIVE and one stake is placed for the PITCH SHOT.
  • Par 3 holes- one stake is placed for the PITCH SHOT.

In order to win actual steak, players or teams with the fewest points win their division. Every time a player is required to move their ball to a steak, they add one point. If you do not need to move your ball, you do not add a point. Thus, the further you hit it, the easier time you will have hitting past the next stake! The winners will earn a gift card to Steak & Shake!

Interested in Participating in the Thursday Games?

To reserve a spot for each session, email!