Jan 112015

Indian River Golf Academy

presents…… “An Inside Look”

In a continuing effort to elevate the awareness of young players and parents in the game of golf and employment opportunities in the golf industry, the Indian River Golf Foundation, under the umbrella of the Indian River Golf Academy, will present a new program called “An Inside Look”.

This program is offered at NO COST to individual participants. Offered throughout the year, “An Inside Look” will be in the form of presentations by experienced professionals in each respective area of the golf industry. This program will be hosted by area golf facilities.

Times of presentations will center around Saturdays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. with other times necessary due to current facility operations.

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 An Inside Look” will feature the following on-site tours and presentations:

Golf Facilities

  •     Outside Golf Services – Quail Valley Golf Club – Saturday, January 24 (3:00 p.m.)
  •     Golf Shop Operations – Bent Pine Golf Club – Saturday, March 28 (3:00 p.m.)
  •     Golf Course – Vero Beach Country Club – Saturday, April 18 (3:00 p.m.)
  •     Golf Tournament Operations (Local – State – National) – TBA
  •     Administrative & Membership – TBA
  •     Food & Beverage Operations – TBA
  •     Golf Instruction & Learning Centers – TBA

Golf Industry

  •     Manufacturer Sales Representatives (Apparel & Golf Equipment)

Golf Shop Operations, Merchandising, Customer Service

Golf Course Operations, Turf Management, Landscaping



Administration, Membership, Accounting, Human Resources

Outside Golf Services, Cart/Range/Golf Training Center


Food & Beverage Department, Purchasing, Menus, Staffing, Sanitation

Employment Opportunities

There are a number of local employment opportunities at golf facilities in Indian River County. For those who are interested in golf, there are job openings available every year in Golf Shops….the center for golf equipment and apparel sales, tournament operations and golf handicap services. Outside Golf Services offers jobs serving as a Cart Attendant, Practice Range Attendant, Golf Bag Attendant, Starter, Ranger and Caddy. There are other employment opportunities working in Golf Course Operations such as an Equipment Operator, Spray Technician, or as an Irrigation Technician. Food & Beverage Operations are always looking for food servers or for a variety of positions in the kitchen. Some individuals may be interested in employment opportunities in the Administrative Department which includes Membership, Communications, Human Resources, Accounting and Secretarial.

Larger golf facilities may have employment opportunities in the departments of Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Fitness Centers and Day Care.

A number of other employment opportunities are available in the golf industry.

  •     Golf Equipment Sales Representatives – Golf Equipment Demo Days
  •     Golf Apparel & Accessories Sales Representatives
  •     Golf Cart Sales Representatives
  •     Turf Management Equipment Sales Representatives
  •     Golf Management (Sports Agent)
  •     Positions with Regional, State and National Golf Associations (amateur and professional)
  •     Tournament Operations of various Tours for Juniors, Amateurs and Professionals
  •     Golf Course Design Companies
  •     Driving Range (Learning Center) Facilities