The Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) is pleased to offer a Family Based Junior Golfer Development Program of TPC (TRAINING, PRACTICES and COMPETITIONS). With the support of the IRGF and PGA / LPGA Resident Golf Professionals, the program features parents serving as Team Managers and Team Coaches

The purpose of the program is to bring new players to the game and toencourage experienced players to form small groups of friends for training, practice, playing golf, fun competitions and elevations on individual progress. A key ingredient to the Family Based Junior Golf Team concept isaffordability. Sessions are conducted at area golf facilities with arrangement assistance from the IRGF.

The IRGF trains and works with parents who in turn train young players following a prescribed golf instruction program. It is important the Team Coach is an experienced golfer and supported by a PGA / LPGA Golf Professional through periodic “checkpoints”. Ages of participants are determined by each family unit.

The program involves Short Game Skills and Full-Swing Skills training sessions including periodic “checkpoints” to determine progress. Play of the golf course is incorporated in practice sessions.