Feb 182013

 Indian River Golf Foundation Continues Making History

Inaugural Season – Combined Elementary School (CES)

SNAG Golf TEAM Tournament Series – Event #2

Indian River County Fairgrounds – Soccer Field #8

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starting field of SNAG Golf Tournament – Indian River County Fairgrounds – Soccer Field #8 (60 players)

A new chapter in golf history is being written in Indian River County through the After School SNAG Golf Program. The most recent event was conducted at the Indian River County Fairgrounds – Soccer Field #8, Saturday, February 9, 2013. A turnout of 60 players participated in the Inaugural Season of the SNAG Golf TEAM Tournament Series – Event #2. Players ranged in age from 6 to 10 playing 9 holes of SNAG Golf set-up in the soccer field. Half the field played the BLUE COURSE while the other half played the RED COURSE…..both of identical length. SNAG holes included six par 3’s and three par 4’s (par 30).

 The SNAG Golf team from Rosewood Magnet Elementary (Coaches Chris Ferrari, Bob Gilbert and Chris Clark) took top honors over talented teams from Vero Beach Elementary (Coaches Karen Renninger, Scott Spicoli and Claudia Vilandrosa) and Highlands Elementary (Coach Jennifer Klock). Sebastian Elementary (Coach James Batory) did not field a team. Most players were participating in their first official junior golf tournament. Participants demonstrating top performance in the 5 week program were named to the CES SNAG GOLF ALL STARS based upon scoring in the following four disciplines: 

Short Game Skills                     Behavioral Evaluation

Full-Swing Skills        SNAG Golf Tournament Results

CES SNAG Golf Team Results

(lowest 2 scoring teams per elementary)

Overall Winning Schools

1st Place Rosewood Magnet Elementary – Score *38

* (Denotes CES Record Team Score)

2nd Place      Vero Beach Elementary – Score 52

CES SNAG Golf Winning School – Rosewood Magnet Elementary


Individual Winning Teams


John Carton – Nicholas Lobmeyer – Jaque Chery – Andrew VanAuken – Aiden Feeback – Rosewood Magnet



Cassidy Arango – Tamia Berudez – Andrianne Blaha – Madyson McManus – Victoria Pearsaul – Emily Batory – Rosewood Magnet     


Tie 3rd    

Tyler Wiley – Morgan Tritt – Debreonnna Zaza – Alyssa Martin – Bodie Martin – Highlands Elementary


Tie 3rd

Emily Boone – Kelscey Jones – Piap Kennedy – Kylie Jarrett – Halle Mason – Rosewood Magnet


Tie 3rd    

Ethan Gilbert – Dante May – Bryce Streeter – Hayden Swallow – Lorenzo Taylor – Rosewood Magnet


Tie 3rd    

Skyler Outler – Becca Harrison – Haley Gilbert – Lindsey Kastensmidt –Rosewood Magnet


Tie 7th        

Payton McMahan – Juan Olaya – Classon Onderlinde – Austin Clark – Sam McGraw – Rosewood Magnet


Tie 7th

Tristan Dales – Liam Ritchie – Owen Stanton – Jordan VanAuken – Rosewood Magnet



Michael Carton – Alec Gambino – Matteo Iacono – Carter Owen – Rosewood Magnet



Nick McGraw – Christopher Carton – Auston Samburg – Amy Batory – Lila Ursin – Rosewood Magnet



Christopher Thompson – Miguel Llerena – Daniel Giraldo – Tylen Ryan – Charlie Coulter – Vero Beach Elementary



Shannon Daly – Gabrielle Martin – Julie Clemenzi – Michael Carlson – Vero Beach Elementary


Holes-In One (4)

Jacque Chery – 5th grade

Clayson Onderlinde – 5th grade

Kylie Jarrett – 3 grade

Halle Mason – 3rd grade

SNAG Golf Team Photos

First Place Team – John Carton, Nicholas Lobmeyer, Jacque Chery, Andrew VanAuken & Aidien Feeback

Second Place Team: Cassidy Arango, Tamia Bermudez, Adrianne Blaha, Madyson McManus, Victoria Pearsaul & Emily Batory

Tie 3rd: Tyler Wiley, Morgan Tritt, Debreona Zaza, Alyssa Martin & Bodie Martin

Tie 3rd: Emily Boone, Kelscey Jones, Piap Kennedy, Kylie Jarrett & Halle Mason


Tie 3rd: Ethan Gilbert, Dante May, Bryce Streeter, Hayden Swallow & Lorenzo Taylor

Tie 3rd: Skyler Outler, Becca Harrison, Haley Gilbert & Lindsey Kastensmidt



Student volunteer James Fischer (left) and John Vermeere (center) help to set up the SNAG golf course. Student volunteer Kai Krulikowski assists IRGF Program Coordinator Anthony Donadio in equipment set-up.


Special Thanks

A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the leadership and staff of the Indian River Soccer Association for approval for the IRGF use of soccer fields for the SNAG Golf Tournament.

As a host facility, the IRSA now becomes part of the Indian River Golf Alliance which brings together the stakeholders in the game of golf…….for the good of the game.

Special thanks to our elementary school coaches who made 5 training and practice sessions go very smoothly……..and participated in the SNAG Golf Tournament #2…….Coaches Chris Ferrari (Rosewood Magnet), Claudia Vilandrosa (Vero Beach Elementary), Jennifer Klock (Highlands Elementary) and James Batory (Sebastian Elementary) along with volunteer coaches Bob Gilbert, Chris Clark, Brittany Soucek and the many other volunteers including John Vermeere, Jennifer & Emily Chester, John Carton, Camille Batory, Kai Krulikowski, James Fischer and PGA Professionals Tom Thornton and Ed Deshane,

Thanks to our school principals, teachers, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters other relatives and friends who came and supported these new players to the game of golf.

What’s Next?

Already in place for those who desire to advance in the game of golf are Training – Practices – Competitions……conducted Saturday afternoons throughout 2013.

There is NO COST to players for the first two sessions. For all other sessions, there is a $5 fee for SNAG Players to be paid only at sessions attended with checks made payable to the Indian River Golf Foundation. All advancing players will transition from SNAG Golf equipment to traditional golf equipment at which time all training is $10 per sessions with SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.

Small Group & Private Golf Instruction is Available by Appointment (766-1146)