May 092013

IRGF Scholarships for Community Service

The Indian River Golf Foundation provides opportunities for scholarships to help cover the cost of IRGF Training – Practices – Competitions and to include entry fees into other approved junior golf tournament programs.

In addition, the IRGF takes pride in helping to mold students into well-rounded, compassionate and community-minded individuals in a short period of time. Middle school and high school students have a number of opportunities through the IRGF to make a difference in the life of the student volunteer and the lives of young players they serve. The golf community at large appreciates students who take an interest in making a difference.

IRGF scholarships for tournament entry fees will be based upon the following criteria:

Scholarships – Elementary Age

  1. Expressed need for financial assistance
  2. Exemplary conduct and demonstration of good citizenship

Initial Scholarships – Players of Other Ages

  1. Expressed need for financial assistance
  2. Exemplary conduct and demonstration of good citizenship

Continued Scholarships – Middle School & High School Age Applicants

  1. Expressed need for financial assistance
  2. Exemplary conduct and demonstration of good citizenship
  3. Status of Community Service Credit Points in IRGF activities OR status of other verifiable Community Service Credit Points

Benefits of Community Service

Participating in community service activities as a middle school or high school student can be hugely beneficial, and not just when it comes to acing college interviews. Students who get involved in community service can expect great things to come of their extracurricular work, including:

Work and Life Experience

Students who participate in community service activities related to the game of golf will find benefits in satisfying future career goals. Students can get a leg up on the competition and the college planning process by gaining real-world experiences. Volunteering can also improve skill sets and help to prepare for work experiences totally unrelated to their community service work.


The people you meet while volunteering can help you throughout your life. They can write letters of recommendation for your college and scholarship applications. They can serve as references when you are seeking employment and they can potentially help you find a paid position in their area of expertise. Working with others gives you a chance to build networking skills, which will be valuable throughout your life.

A Broader Worldview

You meet a wide range of talented people and learn many new things while doing community service. You are exposed to people and activities you never would have encountered. They have the the potential of shaping the direction of your life and the way you view the world around you. Community service can also give a sense of purpose and direction in future activities.

Opportunities for Other Community Service Scholarships

Volunteering in activities of the IRGF can also lead to other community service scholarships. When it comes to scholarship opportunities, community service can help distinguish you from the competition by showing your commitment to making the world a better place. Scholarship providers, being philanthropists themselves, can appreciate students who show an early interest in helping others. Winning scholarships, whether they are labeled as community service or more general contests, can be much easier with community service listed on your application

Applying for IRGF Scholarships (Partial or Full)

To seek a tournament entry fee scholarship, contact the IRGF by e-mail or telephone expressing need for financial assistance. If granted, player will be issued a scholarship code to be applied during the tournament registration process.